Water Wave – Skechers

Yet another piece I created for use in Skechers headquarters. I had been wanting to see how far I could take xparticles water sim system and used this opportunity to see what it could do. Over all I think it came out quite good.

Creative Director – Lindsey Clarke

Plasma Box – Skechers

Yet another motion graphics piece I created for Skechers Manhattan Beach headquarters. This piece also let me explore using xparticles.

Creative Director – Lindsey Clarke

Liquid Swirl – Skechers

Another submission I created for Skechers Manhattan Beach headquarters. This time I used xparticles for creating a water flow.

Creative Director – Lindsey Clarke

Xparticles Pixel Man – Skechers

I was approached by Skechers to create some unique content for their Manhattan Beach headquarters. These and other pieces I created are on display thru out their facility. This piece used xparticles together with mocap data and C4D.

Creative Director – Lindsey Clarke

Balls and String – Skechers

Another motion design piece I submitted to Skechers for their Manhattan Beach headquarters.

Creative Director – Lindsey Clarke

Major Lazer – Scare Me

Got to have some fun working with the talented group of guys at Lord Danger on taking on some special effects shots for this music video.  Check out my particles on Major Lazers laser.

Role: Senior Animator/VFX artist

Director – Brandon Dermer | Producers – Josh Shadid, Maxwell Riesberg | Production – Company Lord Danger

Lady Gaga – Applause

I had the sincere pleasure to be tapped by the Mill as an on-set vfx consultant for Lady Gaga’s Applause music video. The Mill nailed the vfx on this project!

Directed by the amazing duo Vinoodh Matadin and Inex van Lamsweerde. DP – Dave Devlin, Editor – Otto Arsenault, Production Companies – GE Projects & The Collective Shift, Producer Gabe Hill, Producer (The Collective Shift) – Jon Barlow, Animation Direction – Jo Ratcliffe, VFX by The Mill.

Las Vegas Strip – Timelapse

While attending NAB 2013 I thought I’d have some fun shooting a timelapse from my hotel window.